Titanium Laser Hair Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi

Analyze the outlay and miracles of the procedure. Our clinic provides insights into the procedure’s efficacy, duration, and elements influencing the price. Discover the perfect blend of differentia and affordability, and book your transformative experience today. Delve into the cost considerations and discover why investing in this advanced procedure is a game-changer for acquiring satiny and velvety skin.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 300-1200AED

Outcomes: Longterm

Back to work: Can instantly after the procedure 

Duration of Treatment: 15-30 minutes 

Type of Procedure: Non-invasive

Define the Treatment:

It stands as an inventive, non-intrusive procedure utilizing advanced laser technology to target shunned hair follicles. The titanium element enhances precision, ensuring satisfactory hair reduction without compromising the surrounding skin. It is a non-pushy approach, limiting people from the pain and recovery associated with traditional procedures.

The immersed laser energy selectively targets the hair strands, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Encounter the delight of enduring results as Titanium Laser Hair Removal gradually lowers hair growth over time. While not rapid, the procedure’s effectiveness ensures a significant and enduring decline in the necessity for regular hair removal.

The Average Cost of the Treatment:

The cost varies based on factors such as the treatment area, individual needs, and doctor’s assessment. But for general pricing details, consult the table below:


Treatment Areas Price
Face  250-500AED
Underarms 200-450AED
Arms 250-800AED
Legs 300-800AED
Bikini area 400-800AED


The final price will be calculated during a consultation.

Factors of Cost:

The following factors influence the final cost of the procedure:

  • Hair Density:

The abundance of hair in the targeted region plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost. Higher hair density may demand more span and resources for effective deduction.

  • Session Duration:

The span of each session is a key factor. Longer sessions may incur additional costs, but they are often necessary for thorough and enduring results.

  • Complementary Services:

Additional services, such as healing ointments or care, can contribute to the overall cost. These supplementary offerings improve the overall experience and results.

  • Equipment Quality:

The difference in the laser equipment used during the procedure influences the cost. Cutting-edge technology and advanced features may contribute to a barely higher price but ensure optimal efficacy and safety.

  • Practitioner Skill Level:

The expertise of the practitioner administering significantly affects the cost. Higher-skilled professionals may charge a premium for their experience, ensuring precision and patient satisfaction.

  • Sessions Required:

Tailored treatment plans may demand more sessions, impacting the overall cost but ensuring a comprehensive and efficacious outcome.

  • Clinic Location:

The geographical location of the clinic also contributes to the price variation. Clinics in prime or central sites may have higher operational prices, reflected in the overall pricing.


The number of sessions differs based on factors like hair color and the targeted area.

Momentary side effects may comprise redness or benign irritation, but they subside quickly.

The procedure is effective on various skin types, with individual considerations.

Treatment area, number of sessions, and individual needs impact the overall cost.

Session duration differs based on the treated area, generally ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.


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