At Laser Hair Removal Clinic, your well-being and privacy are our utmost priorities. We utilize the most refined security system to protect your confidential and legal requirements. It is your window into how we handle your health information, assembled on codes of transparency, authority, and safety. 

You deserve to apprehend what data we gather, why we need it, and how you can supervise its usage. We empower you to make knowledgeable choices about your information, offering clear options for access, modification, and limitation.

Delegate us to manage your information with the utmost care, allowing you to focus on your health with peace of mind.

The Role & Justification of the Privacy Statement:

Your health and well-being are our foremost focus. We acknowledge that your medical and personal details are critical and require the highest safety and protection. That’s why we have established a detailed privacy statement that safeguards your data. Here, we will glimpse at the role and reasons for the privacy statement at Laser Hair Removal Clinic, so you can see why it is so essential.

  • Forging Trust

Trust is the foundation of our medical practice. Patients put their health, history, and susceptibilities in our hands. Our privacy statement is the foremost step towards establishing and sustaining trust. 

  • Legal Commitment 

Like other healthcare organizations, Our Clinic is subjected to many regulations and limitations. Medical data is very insubstantial, and strong measures are in place to fend for its security. Our privacy policy explains our legal obligations for your data.

Data categories:

 We obtain the information by:

Account Sreation

  • Registration forms(info entered by user i.e. Name, Email I’d, address, Phone number)
  • Our website has been visited(Browser details, IP address, location, time, etc)
  • For assistance, please visit our website.

Interactive Services

  • Data was employed since the candidate has accessed the site.
  • Details regarding the client’s location(Country, city, address, postal code, etc)
  • Details regarding the mobile device.

Live chats

The user-generated online query is quickly responded to. The data is obtained through interaction with the customer concerning his needs and requirements.

Emails Newsletter

The user when subscribing to the email assistance, the user is directed to provide their Email ID, Name, and demographic information. These services can be unsubscribed at any time if the user does not want to continue getting our updates.


 The surveys are taken to enhance the services that are provided by us. These are carried out usually by third parties but it’s totally up to the customer whether he wants to take part in them or not.

Data Protection Rights:

  • You have the legal right to withdraw from a contract at any time.
  •  You may get a hard replica of all the facts or information that you have provided to us. 
  • If we make a blunder, you have the right to request that the information be corrected. 
  • You also can ask that any details you desire to change be deleted or updated. 
  • You will have access to and control over the portability of your data. Ultimately, if an unanticipated event occurs, you have the right to oppose our data processing.

Data Utilization:

  • To offer assistance.
  • The use of mobile phones has been verified.
  • Making contact with the candidate.
  • To offer client service.
  • Orient new features.
  • Controlling cheating and misapplication.
  • Maintenance and alteration of our website, as well as support.
  • Heeding the Constitution.

Information Sharing: 

The patient’s information is not disclosed to any other party without their consent. However, due to safety or any other reason provided by the government, or for legal proceedings, the information may be disclosed by us but under several safety regards. The data sharing could be just due to one of the following genuine reasons:

  • Legal Obligations
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Official personnel
  • To prevent harm.
  • Preservation of authority & legislation.


The applicant is accountable for keeping their username and password confidential. Our clinic specialists highly recommend customers create distinctive and personalized passwords. Any casualties incurred as a consequence of the candidate’s inability to keep these credentials secret will not be our accountability.


When you sign up for updates and special offers, you’ll be the first to know about our new services, bundles, seasonal specials, discounts, and deals. Our system will remember your preferences and send you updates concerning all of the wonderful perks we have in stock for you.


The feedback forum allows user to provide us with their valuable feedback. The feedbacks are publicly available on-site to ensure the customer’s safety concerns and satisfaction.

Market Research:

This is carried out to improve our services and to make them user-friendly. Also carried out by third parties through focus groups online, email invitations, or pop-up surveys. The age limit to participate in the market research surveys is 18 years.

Updating the Data:

The data update is carried out according to the latest trends and changes to keep users’s information updated.


The consent of the user is essential before using any information of the user. It is their right whether they permit or deny the use of their information for our website or clinic.


The legalities involved are strictly obeyed by us to help in delivering secure and satisfactory services to our clients. All the data safety regulations are also fulfilled by our clinic.

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