Let’s appreciate glances of unrestricted follicles with laser technology! Permanent Laser Hair Removal is an ongoing sort of hair reduction that permanently reduces hair from your skin and makes it flawless. Acquire the opportunity to clear out hairs on your skin by having an appointment at a Laser Hair Removal Clinic. 

Quick Facts:

Cost: 899 AED TO 2999 AED.

Results: endless.

Downtime: No.

Back to Work: Exact after therapy.

Duration of Therapy: three to seven sessions.


It’s a pathway to clear undesirable hair follicles from the body. It doesn’t need cuts on the body. Laser hair removal completely demolishes the hair from the body and provides you with transparent and fluffy skin. Laser hair reduction is a secure and very useful process to enhance your looks. Many people want to get rid of hairs from any parts of the body, while the multiple listed areas are:

  • Faces.
  • Back.
  • Legs.
  • Underarms. 
  • Arms.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal:

Laser therapies are getting more popular. It can destroy permanent hairs from the laser spot after completing the sessions. It is a more easy and convenient method to reduce hair forever from the skin.

Therapy Objectives:

Laser hair removal treatment is done to eliminate undesirable hairs from the skin. It is the alternative to shaving, waxing, and also utilizing chemicals for hair removal for endless time. It’s more influential than wax and others and securer than using chemicals on the skin. 


Hair reduction is done to make your skin glowy and ideal. Additionally are the advantages are:

  • Less painful 
  • Decrease the development of hair 
  • Skin evolves glowy and smoother
  • Enduring  results
  • Effective 
  • Less time taking
  • Self-confidence

Who is suitable for this treatment?

The person who has hairs on the skin and wants to reduce them to make skin clear. It is an adorning method. It will enhance your looks. I would not prefer you to shave regularly. Laser treatment is much more useful for ladies who have shady hair and also have delicate skin. The texture of skin and hair makes it more comfortable to absorb heat.

Who is not suitable for laser treatment?

Consulant the health care. You may not be eligible for the procedure if you are:

  • Acne treatments
  • pregnant
  • Include HSV-2
  • Spots of skin


The doctor will prefer you to avoid the given things:

  • Sunrays
  • Extreme flashes of lightning
  • Other ways to reduce hair
  • Medications
  • Shaving 

Work Flow of Laser:

The laser treatment is done by giving warmth to the skin which also eradicates the cells containing a lot of pigmentation. Hairs have different shades and absorb the heat more. Heat will be transmitted via the follicle to the strands of hair and demolish them,  it holds the development of hairs.

What are the Steps?

This process takes time according to the place of hair reduction. You might smell smoke and burning hair during the session. Laser Hair Removal includes the following phases:

  1. Cleanses the place of the skin.
  2. Health carers give you glasses to wear during the method.
  3. The rays hit that body part from where the hairs to dismissed.
  4. The medic will place the cooling influential gel on your skin on the lid of the tool.
  5. It feels like a rubber band bursting against your skin.

What is accomplished after laser hair removal?

You have to use a cold compress in place of the laser. Try not to reveal the area to sunlight whether it is natural or artificial. While you can go for a natural routine right after the therapy.

Post Period:

You will include:

  • Redness 
  • Bump
  • It can include a bit of burning
  • crusting


You will see the results within weeks. The results will be very significant. The hairs on the skin will not fall instantly, but the hairs will shed down in a few weeks. Replicated sessions are important to control hair development. Laser therapy is the most suitable therapy to control follicles.


The Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment is about 899 AED TO 2999 AED. It relies upon the session of the therapy such as hair development. To acquire the best idea book an appointment with your consultant.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

Fewer are the aspects that affect the cost:

  1. Number of sessions required.
  2. Size measure where treatment is required.
  3. Timings.
  4. Growth of follicles.


Laser will diminish the hair development in the treated specific area.

It will not harm, it will smell smoky.

The results can be seen after 4 to 5 sessions.

There is no precaution after having permanent laser removal.

It takes 15-20 min in a lesser area. It is according to the area.



Priorities appointments are at your fingertips! We are offering you the most profitable permanent laser hair removal at our clinic. We are delivering laser from any portion of the skin, for more nourishing, fluffy, and soft skin. Book Your Appointment right now.