We are dedicated to safeguarding and respecting our applicants’ privacy, and we are toiling hard to ensure that our policies and practices fulfill high data privacy standards. Our client’s safety is our first consideration, and the rights of our precious contenders are extremely essential to us.

Our proficient medics have devised a safety approach for our consumers who desire the most eminent outcomes. We are proud to declare that we have the most reliable, trustworthy, and efficient squad of experts striving hard to eliminate drawbacks and issues.

We abide by our obligations too earnestly. As an outcome, your safety is our utmost priority. We establish a high weight on your fitness and legal rights making certain that a policy is conveyed to your knowledge to keep your faith enduring. 

Consent Form:

Before experiencing a small or major surgical treatment, you must sign our agreement. This is to assure that you agree with the course of action. This is documented consent after which they cannot sue the clinic for any casualty or damage.

The Policy of the Patient at Laser Hair Removal Clinic:

The Patient Policy is taken seriously at our clinic, and it is mirrored in our daily procedures. Here are some standards of how we concede with this policy:

Approval with Wisdom

When you step by our doors, you become a vigorous participant in the healthcare decision-making procedure. Before any procedure or therapy is initiated, we make sure that you fully apprehend your ailment, treatment preferences, and any threats and miracles. Knowledgeable consent permits you to make conclusions that are compatible with your assumptions and claims.

Solitude and confidentiality:

Your medical details are confidential and should be kept private. We have sophisticated mechanisms to secure your data. You may be sure that your medical records are protected and only unrestricted to those who ought them. 

Healthcare Access

Regardless of your origin or monetary situation, you have the liberty to quality healthcare. Laser Hair Removal Clinic is dedicated to guaranteeing equal access to care. We have a diversified staff of medical experts devoted to servicing the Abu Dhabi community’s healthcare necessities.

Satisfaction and regard

Our patient consideration notion is based on affection. Our team is qualified to treat each patient with politeness and affection. We comprehend that each patient is extraordinary, therefore we personalize our procedure to your distinct demands.

Medical Photographs 

Medical images are taken to keep a record of the patient. We assure not use them for other purposes as it is unethical and illegal. Even for uploading those images on our website, first, the patient’s approval is taken.

Medical Record
Every component of a patient’s history and therapy, whether insignificant or influential, is properly recorded in our medical records. This incorporates detailed information concerning the patient’s medical history, test discoveries, pre-procedure guidance, post-procedure instructions, procedural specifics, pharmaceutical drugs, and clinical data.


An individual to be capable of making judgments is legally required to be over 18. Therefore to obtain the cures from the clinic, the patient should be 18 plus. If not, they are to have approval from their custodians for the therapy.


In the possibility of an emergency, the clinic can be instantly reached. The patients can contact the office or visit directly, they are ministered to straight away. The physicians and surgeons at the clinic are invariably willing to give the best therapies.

Rights and Responsibilities:

Every patient’s rights are fulfilled by our clinic. These privileges are mentioned in the consent form provided by our clinic before any therapy. It is our foremost responsibility to feed all the possible cures for the inquired practice including its alternatives and non-invasive approaches. 

Right to a Second Contention: If you have concerns about a diagnosis or treatment strategy, you have the right to seek the guidance of another competent healthcare practitioner.

Economic commitments: Patients are obliged to satisfy their financial commitments on time. This involves giving proper insurance information, comprehending your coverage, and paying your bills on time.

Adherence to Therapy Methods: It is crucial to track the treatment plan recommended by your healthcare practitioner to maintain your health and well-being. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to convey them.

Right of Privacy:

The patient’s details that are authorized to the clinic are guarded and kept confidential. The details are unassailable and not revealed or shared with another party.

Patient Dignity:

All the patients and clients are dealt with with respect and our staff assemble certain that the patients feel relaxed. Any type of unnecessary regulations are not placed on the patients and their families. In the matter of post-op sustenance, detailed instructions are provided to be followed to attain preferred results and to detour complications.

It is the determination of the patient whether to get the therapy or not. They are however instructed by the professionals but the conclusive decision to resume the therapy is taken by the patient.


To get any other details about the Laser Hair Removal Clinic and the therapies offered we can be reached at the number or email provided on our website. You can also obtain a free initial consultation with our experts by filling up the form given.