Laser Hair Removal UAE Price Cost Abu Dhabi

Tired of doing remedies like waxing, threading, etc at home? Let’s get the smooth, fluffy skin through laser hair removal. We are offering you the most affordable  Laser Hair Removal UAE Price at Laser Clinic in Abu Dhabi. Our Ongoing therapies reduce hair growth. Visit our page to book an appointment!

Quick Facts: 

Cost: 300 AED to 1600 AED

Results: after 2 to 6 therapies.

Downtime: none.

Back to Work: right after therapy.

Duration of Treatment: infrequent months.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser Hair Removal is the method of removing hairs from the parts of the body. It uses laser light to remove undesirable hairs. Laser Hair Removal delays the growth of hairs in the long term. You need numerous sessions to remove endless hair reduction. Laser Hair Removal is more influential for people who have a dark or light complexion. Laser therapy is not a painful therapy.

Laser Hair Removal UAE Price:

Laser Hair Removal UAE Prices rely upon the session of the treatment. Costs for full-body laser hair reduction are:

  • One session: 799 AED.
  • Three sessions: 2,200 AED.
  • Six sessions: 4,400 AED.

The Price List for Laser Hair Removal:                       

Beard Line:   

  • 1 session: 200 AED       
  • 3 sessions: 399 AED               
  • 6 sessions 499 AED

Belly Line:     

  • 1 session:    99 AED         
  •  3 sessions  250 AED          
  •  6 sessions  350 AED


  • 1 session   99 AED         
  • 3 sessions  250 AED      
  • 6 sessions 350 AED


  • 1 session  200 AED      
  •  3 sessions  399 AED         
  • 6 sessions 499AED

Full arms:

  • 1 session   250 AED         
  • 3 sessions  699 AED        
  • 6 sessions 999 AED


  • 1 session    300 AED      
  • 3 sessions  699 AED         
  • 6 sessions 999 AED

Full Body: 

  • 1 session 799 AED       
  • 3 sessions 2,200 AED        
  • 6 sessions 4,400 AED

Full Chest:

  • 1 session  150 AED       
  •  3 sessions  350 AED      
  •  6 sessions 500AED

Half Arms:   

  • 1 session  250AED       
  • 3 sessions  499 AED             
  • 6 sessions 899 AED

Half Legs:     

  • 1 session   250 AED   
  • 3 sessions  1,200 AED      
  •  6 sessions  2,100 AED

Lower body:  

  • 1 session  500 AED         
  • 3 sessions 1,200 AED            
  • 6 sessions  2,100 AED

Upper body:   

  • 1 session  650 AED       
  •  3 sessions 1,500 AED         
  • 6 sessions 2,700 AED


  • 1 session: 99 AED           
  • 3 sessions  250 AED              
  • 6 sessions 350 AED

Cost Effecting factors:

The price is affected by the following factors:

  • Expert Fee:

The charges are taken by the experts who deal with the patient. It includes rates per hour, the experience of the experts, travel expenses, and the target assigned.

  • Location:

Location cost is about how far he/she has to travel. It involves material cost labor cost, and the business environment.

  • Methods of Therapy:

Treatment costs are the basic costs incurred in operation, treatment maintenance, administration, etc.

  • Size or Laser Area:

Cost depends upon the area that has been treated. For example, different parts of the body have different costs according to the size of the area which has to be treated.

  • Sessions:

The main factor of cost is how long it takes the treatment to remove the hairs from the area. Such as some people have fewer sessions because they have different types of hair.

  • Patient’s Skin Texture:

The tone of the skin matters during laser sessions. The differences between light and dark colors affect the cost of the laser treatment.

  • Topical Anesthesia:

The anesthesia is used to facilitate the pain and itching of the patients, which can induced by the sunlight, scars, and insect bites.


  1. Hair development is under control.
  2. This therapy lights the shady skin.
  3. Laser makes your skin perfect and fluffy.
  4. Leads to decreased hair development.
  5. It has everlasting outcomes.

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