Laser Hair Removal for Men Cost Abu Dhabi

Discover the embodiment of smooth confidence with our professional services. Unveil sculpted, hair-free skin with our state-of-the-art procedures, starting from just 300 AED. Our skilled practitioners use precision techniques to ensure a comfortable experience, leaving you with endless results and a glimmer of sophistication. 

Say goodbye to shunned hair and hello to a new level of confidence. Elevate your grooming routine with our affordable and effective hair expulsion solutions, where the path to a smoother you commences at an irresistible price. However, learn about Laser Hair Removal for Men Cost Abu Dhabi

Quick Facts:

Cost: 300-1200 AED

Results: Long lasting

Downtime: No downtime 

Back to Work: Immediately after the procedure

Duration of Treatment: 15-30 minutes

Type of Procedure: Non-invasive

Laser Hair Removal:

Glimpse the miraculous modification with Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Abu Dhabi as hair strands gracefully revert, leaving behind a silky-smooth canvas. Beyond the aesthetic allure, it minimizes the nuisance of ingrown hairs and nodules, enhancing skin texture.

Embark on a transformative journey with the miracles of this therapy, where cutting-edge technology meets magnificence evolution starting with an amazing cost of just 300 AED. This revolutionary procedure unveils its magic as precision meticulously targets and annihilates unwanted hair, proposing a seamless and pain-free experience. 

Laser Hair Removal for Men Cost:

Experience the benefits of therapy, with prices beginning from just 300 AED. The cost varies based on personal requirements, post-assessment work, and the specific treatment area. The ultimate price will be determined after a comprehensive consultation at the clinic.

But the general breakdown of cost for different regions is as under:


Treatment Areas  Price
  • Face 
Beard shaping 250-350AED
Chin 300-600AED
Cheeks 400-800AED
Full face 600-1200AED
  • Underarms
250- 500AED
  • Legs and Arms
Half legs: 300- 600 AED
Full legs: 400- 800 AED
Half arms: 250- 500 AED
Full arms: 400- 800 AED
  • Bikini area: 
400- 800 AED
  • Back:

  • Chest:
300- 800 AED

250- 500 AED


Encounter the magic that goes beyond the ordinary. Imagine bidding farewell to the daily grind of shaving and trimming, yet enjoying enduring comfort and confidence. What if you could break free from the discomfort of ingrown hairs and razor burns, embracing a lifestyle where grooming is a preference, not an errand?

Factors of Cost:

The following factors influence the overall cost of the procedure:

  • Targeted Area:

The area that is to be treated clinches the price accordingly.

  • The thickness of the Hair:

The thicker and denser your hair, the more laser palpitations are required, potentially bumping up the cost.

  • Duration of Session:

The size of the treatment area directly impacts session time, meaning larger areas cost more.

  • Supplementary Services:

Numbing creams and soothing creams can count toward the final cost.

  • Differentia of Equipment:

Cutting-edge laser technology often comes with a higher price tag due to its avant capabilities and safety features.

  • Proficient Practitioner:

A skillful technician with a specialized practicum may command higher fees.

  • Number of sessions:

Counting on your hair type, skin tone, and expected results how many sessions are you exactly required?

  • Location:

Clinic surroundings matter a lot in determining the final cost of the procedure.


It may produce mild tingling or snapping sensations, resembling tiny heat pops offering a tolerable experience.

Temporary effects such as redness, swelling, or minor bruising may occur, but they typically disperse swiftly.

It is generally deemed safe when administered by qualified professionals.

While not prompt, results unfold gradually but last long. Achieving a seamlessly smooth outcome may necessitate multiple sessions.

Sessions are brief, yet the journey to achieve a meticulously groomed impression requires dedicated time and patience.

It is advisable to confer with a dermatologist before applying any products post-treatment. In general, refraining from immediate application is suggested.


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