Laser Hair Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi - UAE

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic strategy introduced for culminating your frustration. The process offers a complete culmination of anagen by immobilizing the hair bristles. Desires an end to agitation and frustration, visit to apprehend Laser Hair Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi at our facility. We offer the best way out from the perplexity of diverse hair removal practices at very affordable prices.

Quick Facts:

Cost: begins from 455 AED 

Outcomes: enduring 

Back to work: 2 weeks 

Allotted Time: 20 to 45 minutes

Procedure: non-surgical 

What is Laser Hair Removal? 

The process delivers the best way out satisfying the individual’s craving for flawlessness. It is the efficacious strategy devised to immobilize the strands.  The method utilizes ultra-fast laser pulses cast from ALEXANDRITE or YAG laser to exterminate the anagen.

It adds to the flawlessness & immaculateness of your skin. Along with immobilizing the growth of hair, treatment contributes to aesthetic beauty by giving a glowing effect. 

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Abu Dhabi:

The price of the method commences from 455 AED approximately. It deviates depending upon different factors involving patches of the treatment and numerous others. Different aspects that fluctuate the price  are as follows; 

Cost as per different body parts:

The cost of the process differs according to different body parts.

Allotted Time Body Part 1 Session 3 sessions 6 Sessions
30 minutes Small area 99 AED  249 AED 449 AED
30 minutes Underarm 149 AED 399 AED 699 AED
30 minutes Full face 250 AED 599 AED 999 AED
30 minutes Beard line 199 AED 499 AED 899 AED
30 minutes Full bikini for Female 249 AED 499 AED 999 AED
30 minutes Bikini for Male 299 AED 799 AED 1399 AED
30 minutes Bikini + fistula 349 AED 999 AED 1699 AED
1 hr Short style ( Bikini + fistula + buttocks ) 550 AED 1400 AED 3000 AED
30 minutes Half arms or legs 199 AED 449 AED 799 AED
1 hr Full arms or legs 249 AED 549 AED 1099 AED
1 hr Full back 299 AED 799 AED 1399 AED
1 hr T-shirt style (chest, shoulders, Underarm)


299 AED 699 AED 1299 AED
30 minutes Shoulders 199 AED 499 AED 699 AED
01:15 T-shirt style (chest, shoulders, Underarm)


349 AED 949 AED 1699 AED
2 hr Full body laser (Male)

Without chest and Back

699 AED 1799 AED 3299 AED
02:30 Full body laser (Male)

With chest and Back

899 AED 1999 AED 3399 AED
01:30 Full body Female (Female)

Without chest and Back

650 AED 1599 AED 3099 AED
2 hr Full body Female (Female)

With chest and Back

599 AED 1699 AED 2999 AED


Clinic Reputation and Expertise:

Clinic prestige and expertise cause variance in the fee. Clinics with the best surgeons and expertise charge more. 

Number of Sessions: 

The number of sessions needed to attain expected upshots deviates from person to person. Cost varies according to the sessions needed keeping in mind the growth and desired outcomes of the patient. 

Laser Used:

With time, lasers have been revolutionized leading to efficacious strategies for the elimination of anagen permanently. Those who use advanced strategies charge more for the services. 


The outlay of the assistance is deeply linked with the place of the facility. 



A session is based on 20 to 45 minutes.

No, it alters according to different elements like the desired results, areas of treatment, and usage of technologies. 


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