Cost of Non-Invasive Laser Hair Removal Abu Dhabi

Ditch the fuzz fight! Unleash your smoothest self starting just from 300 AED. Achieve and upgrade your dream skin with precision laser technology. No more razor wars, just radiant you. Embrace the laser hair removal and get your confidence.

Quick Facts:

Cost: 300-1200AED

Result: Longterm

Downtime: No downtime

Back to Work: On the same day or a maximum of 2 days

Duration of Treatment: 30 minutes – 1 hour 

Type of Procedure: Non-invasive

Laser Hair Removal:

Imagine saying goodbye to daily battles with razors, bumps, and ingrown hair. It empowers you to unlock a future of effortless smoothness, where confidence reigns supreme. 

Our laser technology is your secret weapon, wielding light like a magic wand to zap unwanted hair follicles into oblivion. Think of it as a microscopic sculpting tool, banishing fuzz one by one and paving the way for a radiantly smooth you.

The Average Cost of the Treatment:

Ditch the daily shave! Unleash your silky smooth skin. Imagine zero ingrown hairs, a perfect you all starting just from 300 AED per session depending upon the targeted area. The rough price for different areas per session is as below:


Areas Price
Full Face 800-1200AED
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Cheeks 
Underarms 250-500AED
Half Arms and Legs  300-600AED
Full Arms 400-800AED
Full Legs 400-800AED
Bikini area  400-800AED
Chest and Back 300-800AED


Factors of Cost:

Here’s a breakdown of how various factors can influence the cost:

  • Targeted area:

The area that is to be treated determines the price accordingly.

  • Density of the hair:

The thicker and denser your hair, the more laser pulses are needed, potentially bumping up the cost.

  • Duration of session:

The size of the treatment area directly impacts session time, meaning larger areas cost more.

  • Additional services:

Numbing creams and soothing ointments can add to the final cost.

  • Quality of equipment:

Cutting-edge laser technology often comes with a higher price tag due to its advanced capabilities and safety features.

  • Skilled practitioner:

A skillful laser technician with specialized training may command higher fees.

  • Number of sessions required:

Depending on your hair type, skin tone, and desired results you might need more sessions, leading to higher costs.

  • Location of clinic:

Clinics in urban areas might charge more than those in smaller towns.


Laser can cause some tingling or snapping sensations, it's usually mild and fleeting, like tiny heat pops, not unbearable pain.

Some temporary side effects like redness, swelling, or minor bruising are possible, but they usually fade quickly.

Laser treatment is generally safe when done by qualified professionals.

Gradual, but not instant. Multiple sessions might be needed for smooth victory. 

Sessions are quick, but achieving a beard-sculpted zen takes time and patience.


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This pain-free laser technique removes unwanted hair, leaving you with effortless confidence and more time for yourself. Ready to get your dream skin? Book your consultation today with an amazing cost of non-invasive laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi!